About a papasan chair

I got my Papasan chair a couple months after I moved into my first place, two years ago from a couple. They told me how much they loved it, I told them how badly I’ve been looking for one. We quickly exchanged bullets on life and careers. They were moving to the UK and I was trying to make my studio apartment cosy. They helped me down to my car and told me how happy they were it was going to me. The chair remained one my favourite purchases.

When Sunny and Matt came over to pick up the chair, they were giddy, and quite ready to own it. They couldn’t stop laughing and checking it out - In the moment, I let it go for free because they had just bought their first home near Sheppard/Yonge and taken the subway in. Even though, I was mildly sad to part with it (my friends, who heard, were definitely sadder) it felt easier to see the chair become theirs. On her way out, Sunny and I were chatting, and I can bet, if we weren’t living through a pandemic, we might have hugged it out as strangers.

Among the things I love about Canada is the rampant immigration - the associated newness and energy around fresh starts that all excitedly take on and how almost everyone shares in the happiness of new immigrants. Moving countries looks easier than it really is. I moved with the same hope and excitement, and immense nervousness.

My new place doesn’t have a lot of space for bulky furniture so I had to let go of my couch too. The two guys who came to pick it up, inspected it a little too diligently and then asked if they could have the cushions on top. l didn’t mind. As Hardeep was e-transfering the money to me - his more talkative brother started to tell me that they had just immigrated, live in Scarborough and got a shared house with a couple of other boys. Almost factually, he said, "You know we need a good, big couch - plus, we love gaming you know, so this is it!" I cracked up, "Sure!"

It’s funny how we attach meaning, stories and connection to even our pieces of furniture. This whole move, initially, was a big bang effort on my part to move out and move on (actually, really to take advantage of low rent prices!) While the year has been long and frankly weird, it was spent only with the people I deeply care for, so not all bad. Unsurprisingly, the ending was blindsiding. Now, as it’s snowing outside, I am with my realtor signing my next lease. Finally have walls and doors!

Part sad to leave what's behind and part excited to start new - I'm half there.



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Zohra Panjwani

I love children's books, sugar jars, & understanding everyday moments & emotions. Strategy consultant who is passionate about women's worthiness.